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New Toshiba HD-C26H/HB $600

We have a limited number of replacement remotes for these boxes, please email us if you need one.

The HD-C26H/HB High Definition Set Top Box is the ultimate connection to the digital future. It incorporates the uncompressed, digital audio & video connection HDMI which provides the best interface between the set-top box and the high definition compatible televisions.

With a comprehensive selection of input and output terminals, nothing should stand between you and pure High Definition clarity. Designed by Toshiba for today and tomorrow.

Customers with DVI inputs on their plasmas/LCD/Projectors can still take advantage of the Toshiba C26H and C26HB because the signal for video is the same as HDMI. Please ask us for a DVI to HDMI cable at the time of ordering and we can include this with the box for you.

A full list of specifications can be found here.

A brochure can be obtained here.

And the user manual is available here.

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