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Toshiba HDD J35 High Definition Set Top Box with Twin tuner PVR $1100

All new stock - all our Toshiba units have the latest firmware and hardware modifications (yellow dot).

First in the market with HDMI, Toshiba HDD-J35 with built-in 160GB Hard Disc Drive brings you the perfect digital solution for high and standard definition recording and playback. Such a large-capacity HDD provides great convenience of capturing many hours of high definition as well as standard definition broadcasting content with brilliant picture quality.

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The HDD-J35 incorporates the uncompressed, digital audio & video connection HDMI which provides the best interface between the set-top box and the high definition compatible televisions. In addition, the Time Slip functions give you the flexibility of recording, pausing live programs, as well as starting the playback from the beginning of a program currently being recorded without disrupting the recording. With a built-in twin tuner, HDD-J35 is even capable of recording 2 programs at the same time!

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