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Toshiba - the leader in High Definition.

Toshiba have been a pioneer in the development of High Definition set top boxes in Australia. Indeed, Toshiba have never released a standard definition only receiver, they have always been High Definition. Their first set top box was the Toshiba HD-S23A, which was released in August 2003. It was the first Audiophile quality High Definition receiver, and when plugged into all the large plasma screens (which retailed for $10,000 or more back then!) it looked sensational with a 1080i component picture.

Next in the line of Toshiba High Definition set top boxes was the evolution of the HD-S23A, the HD-S25. The HD-S25 was released in May 2004, and introduced the current 'face' of Toshbia set top boxes. The new design saw many minor improvements, which together contributed to a much smoother operating set top box. The new front panel introduced immediate access to all the common functions, so you don't have to go hunting for the remote just to change the channel!

The next release from Toshiba was the HDD-J35 in February 2005. This was a groundbreaking release, as it was the first High Definition set top box with a hard disk built in. Initially, the J35 suffered some bugs but these were ironed out with successive software releases, and they now have a very stable and reliable High Definition PVR in the J35. The 160gig hard disk would record more than a day of High Definition television, and this was the first time we could watch High Definition programming when WE wanted to - not when the networks chose. The HDD-J35 was also the first box on the Australian market with HDMI output, HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It meant that you could now connect just one cable to your display which carried both video and audio. The Toshiba HDD-J35 is the current Toshiba High Definition PVR.

In November 2005 Toshiba released the HD-C26H and HD-C26HB. This was the first time customers had a choice of color, either grey (HD-C26H) or black (HD-C26HB). The C26 series built upon the HD-S25's great features and included HDMI output, just like the HDD-J35. It also incorporated faster channel changing and a more sensitive tuner which was great for people in poor reception areas. The C26 seires is the current series of Toshiba High Definition set top boxes.

If you want the best quality high definition picture, and superb digital sound - Toshiba is the one for you!

YES - You can use all Toshiba set top boxes on ANY normal TV. You don't need a new and expensive tv to use this box. After a while you may like to upgrade your TV, and the Toshiba will be able to deliver the best picture possible on your new TV as well.

The Toshibas are true Audiophile quality digital television set top boxes. This is evident in the solid, stylish construction and design and little touches like gold plated terminals on the rear of the unit to deliver the best signal to your components.

Toshiba HDD-J35 and HD-C26 series are the preferred choice for the following displays:

All Toshiba LCD and DLP displays

Benq, LG, Sony Bravia, Phillips and Viewsonic LCD's

NEC and Infocus projectors (all)

If your brand of display is not listed above, please contact us for a recommendation.

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