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TF7100HDPVRt High Definition PVR

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TF6000PVRt Wireless

Topfield Masterpiece


Topfield TF4000T

TF5000PVRt Technical Specifications

TF4000T Technical Specifications

How to tune your TF5000PVRt

How to tune your TF4000T

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How to plug in your Topfield TF4000T

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Topfield TF6000PVRT No Longer Available

The TF6000PVRt incorporates all the PVR features of its award winning predecessor the Masterpiece but in addition we have integrated a IEEE 802.11g  WLAN and 200GB HDD for added storage.


The integrated wireless LAN once connected to your home wireless network will open up some fantastic features such as


Seamless update of Ice TV 7 day EPG. 

No more messy cables or unsightly routers sitting on top of your TV, you will be ready for one touch recording with the on screen 7 day TV guide updated daily through your home wireless network.


Setting recording timers remotely.

We have all been caught up at the office and forgot to set our VCR or PVR to record our favorite show, now you can connect to your TF6000PVRt from work, or anywhere in the world and set your PVR to record.


Remote file management

Manage your files remotely. We all have a spare 10 minutes at work, you can upload photo’s & mp3 to your TF6000PVRt from anywhere, you can also download files from your TF6000PVRt to your PC.

  • Wireless LAN Enabled 80
  • Record 55 hours of digital tv
  • Genuine twin tuner recorder
  • Record two shows at once, while watching a third
  • Will record closed captions for those who are hearing impaired
  • Pause live TV and come back to what you were watching later
  • Picture in Picture
  • Dolby AC3 Output
  • Set multiple timer recordings to record your favourite shows every week
  • VFD DIsplay
  • USB 2.0 PC Interface for copying recorded programs to PC and updating software
  • 430mm standard size matches most home theatre equipment
  • Real Time Clock
  • Compatible with ICE TV

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