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TEAC DVB500 Technical Specs


Technical Specifications: (Note specs provided by Teac)

Video Output DVB-MPEG compliant MP@ML, 1.5 to 15Mbits/s 4:3 and 16:9 modes (576i)

Dual SCART outputs, comprising composite video, S-VHS, RGB and component video YPbPr.

The 2nd SCART has composite video output (at all times) but may also be used for video pass-through when set-top box is in stand-by. YPbPr adaptor or cable may be required for component output if your television does not have SCART inputs.

Audio Output MPEG1 Layer1, 2 and 3 (MP3) compliant.

The audio L-R output is available on both SCART connections.

There is also a small 3.5mm jack on the rear providing stereo output. MPEG stereo and Dolby Digital (where available) is provided via the optical output connector.

Box measures 314x154x44 mm, weight: 780grams.

Interactivity Based on DVB-HTML and MHEG5 (this product has DSM-CC & MPE client)

Enhanced content may be delivered by the broadcaster using various technologies available today including HTML 4.01, ECMAscript, DOM1, DOM2 event, CSS2.

Various file formats are also supported such as WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, GIF, JPG, PNG, MPEG1 MPEG2 to enhance the user experience.

Security PKI mechanism (1024 and 2048 bit encrypted keys) The ITV-D500 uses encrypted keys and javascript for set-top box internet control, provide software upgrade, management of ISP details, set-top box settings, etc. Full secure remote terminal management is possible.

Networking secure protocols include Secure Sockets Layer SSL2 and SSL3 (128 bit) for t-commerce applications.

Enhanced Connectivity Modem 56k(v90) and USB is 1.1 compliant socket.

Modem tones may be enabled/disabled and advanced options such as specific dialup scripts are possible.

The USB port allows users to connect various devices such as Ethernet adapters. Ethernet allows connection of your set-top box to your home computer network.

Architecture IBM PowerPC @ 150MIPS, 16+8MB memory running Linux and all software features found on this product.

Included in the package is not only the fastest chip available on any SD set-top box, but also has the largest memory footprint.

Memory can be expanded for external storage through the USB port.

Networking Protocols Abilities include connection to the Internet HTTP 1.1, FTP, and POP3 and SMTP.

General Data AS/NZS60065(Safety), AS/NZS1053(EMC), ACATS001+TS002 (Telecommunications) Supply Voltage: 240VAC 50Hz

Power Consumption: Max 18W, Stand-by 5W, Typical 8W Operating Temperature: +5deg to +45deg C

All specs subject to change without notice.

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