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TEAC Set top boxes - the only box for Nine Sports Active. More information p: 03 9378 2516

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TEAC DVB500 $600 (includes free wireless keyboard)

This box comes with a keyboard and is the only box that will work with Nine Sports Active at the moment.


Please note: TEAC have just introduced a new IBM processor running at 350MIPS - the old box runs at 150MIPS - Hantrex ONLY sell the 350MIPS boxes with new chips.

The TEAC is the first digital set top box to come with internet capability and interactive TV. You can surf the net and send emails as well as vote on TV polls.

There are many new features including the new user interface, WiFi connectivity, easier networking support, new menu system, browser improvements, vcr timers, program reminders, diagnostics menus, audio sound improvements, better support for interactive services ....the list goes on.

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TEAC set top boxes will allow you to view 9 Sports Active. You can easily access highlights, player statistics and other great information pages. This service is only available with the TEAC interactive set top box.

The TEAC will also do progressive scan, Standard Definition digital television.

This feature rich box holds many possibilities. When connected to a home network, you can use it as a MP3 jukebox, a file server, a MPEG viewer, a web cam, and a host of other things. The possibilities are almost endless.

How would you like to be able to call up your list of mp3's on your tv and play them back through your television set? Got a bunch of jpg's that you'd like to make into a screen saver on your TV? Not a problem. With the TEAC set top box - YOU CAN!!! All you need is a USB network interface, and cable to plug it into your computer, or hub. You can even browse the internet using your cable connection! If you don't have a home network, don't despair - the TEAC box has a built in modem.

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