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TEAC DVB500 Features

The problem with this set top box is there are just too many features to list. We're going to try and list the main ones, but customers should note that this box has limitless potential, and it's your imagination that will dictate the many benefits you can get from this box.

Firstly, the basic things. It is a Standard Definition Set Top Box. There is a fully featured remote control, and it comes with all the leads necessary for basic set up, ie. SCART to 6 RCA and S-VHS lead as well as batteries for the remote control. It will display captions, but it is not very good at this at this stage. Users who need to use captions should look to the Strong set top box.

Now, the fun part! The Teac can be used with a wireless keyboard (sold separately). You can do many things with this, like surf the internet, send emails, and do home shopping all without turning on your computer. You can also use it to change channels, just like the remote control.

A built in modem is a feature of the set top box, you simply enter in your internet service provider details, and it will dial up so you can surf the internet, or send emails ON YOUR TV!

The Teac also has a USB port, and you can plug a network card into this. This will allow you to access your home network, and cable or ASDL connection. Now you can surf at high speed - just like with your computer.

Once you have connected your digital set top box to your home network, it becomes your media centre. You can use the set top box to access your home computer to play back movies, play MP3's, view pictures and many other features. The possibilities are endless with this feature. The best part is this is all accessible with your remote control, you don't need the keyboard to make it happen once you have set it all up.

Other cool things to plug into the USB port are web-cams and portable storage devices. You can copy a few MP3s to a USB flash memory and plug it straight in and start listening. The remote control or keyboard acts as the browser for all the files.

For more information than what we have provided here, please go to http://player.teac.com.au where you can learn much more about all the fantastic abilities of this set top box.

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