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Strong SRT 53 Series Setup

Once you turn your Strong box on, you will see the splash screen.

Press Menu as instructed and you will have the main menu on screen.

Once in the main menu, press the down arrow to select installation and hit the enter key.

The default password is 0000 - enter this in now.

Press the down arrow to chose automatic full scan.

The scanning progress bar will appear and the set top box will find all the channels in your area.

After this is completed, press enter and you will be taken back to the installation menu.

After exiting the menu, you will be able to switch between all the channels that have been scanned in.

A tip for new digital viewers:

1 is channel 10

2 is the ABC

3 is SBS

7 is Seven

9 is Nine

This allows you to easily find the channel you want by pressing 1,2,3,7 or 9.

We think you'll agree it's much easier than setting up a VCR!

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