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Strong SRT 5490 digital set top box

Strong SRT 5490 High Definition Twin Tuner PVR $800

Yes, we do stock replacement remote controls and instruction books for this model! For More Information on how to order, please Email Us

SRT 5490 is a High Definition PVR with two tuners, USB, Ethernet and DVI. Now also available in Black.

· Simultaneously record one channel and watch another.
· Simultaneously record two channels and watch a previously recorded program.
· Simultaneously record two channels and watch a third ‘associated channel’ from the same broadcaster.

· 250GB Hard Disk Drive to record 30 Hours of High Definition or 125 Hours of Standard Definition

Two Ports - USB and ETHERNET enable a file transfer system for:
· Copy Recorded TV and Radio programs to a PC
· MP3 music files from a PC to the SRT 5490
· JPEG graphic files from a PC to the SRT 5490

· The SRT 5490 provides a multiple choice of video connections including DVI output.
· If your display has HDMI input, then you can use the DVI-to-HDMI adapter which comes with the 5490.
· Please note that when you use the adapter, you will not get any audio through the HDMI connector, you'll have to use stereo RCA.

Strong SRT 5490 rear panel

Customers please note, you will need to initially connect this set top box with component leads to your television. Once connected, you can choose the output optioin you want to use (DVI, PC, Component, S-Video, Composite).


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