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Legend PVR Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have remote controls for these models - email us for details.

This FAQ covers most common aspects of the Legend Personal Video Recorders, LPVR80 to LPVR400.

1) My PVR will stop recording if I put it to standby.

Absolutely. The PVR uses a standard computer hard disk to store all data. When the PVR is in STANDBY mode, there is no power for the ard disk, and thus no data can be stored on it. This is why the PVR must "wakeup" before commencing any timer recordings. If you turn the unit off during any recording, hard disk power will be lost, and so will the recording.

2) My PVR has 2 tuners. How can I record 2 channels at once?

To record 2 different channels simultaneously, simply set the PVR to record manually or using the TIMER RECORD function. Then when your second program starts, you can use the TIME SHIFT function to record the second show. When you stop time shift, or it reaches it's 90 minute maximum, you will be asked if you want to save it. If you do it will appear in your PVR list as normal. Since time shift is limited to 90 minutes, you should use it to record the shorter of your 2 programs, and use standard or time record for the longer show. It is not possible to record 2 channels and watch a third. This would require 3 tuners.

3) I can only see AUSTEXT/TELETEXT on channel 7.

Austext is broadcast by channel 7 only, and not by any other Australian TV network. Therefore you must be viewing channel 7 when you bring up Austext or you will not be able to see any text information.

4) Sometimes my PVR turns off automatically when timer record finishes. Sometimes not. What 's wrong?

At the time of ending a recording, the PVR goes to last state. If it was on before recording started, it will stay on, likewise if it was off, it will turn off. However, it also checks to see what tasks it must do in the near future. If it needs to record another program within a short time, then the PVR will override itself in order to stay on, and ensure recording begins. This then resets the "last state" to being on, and so the PVR will not turn off in this case. If necessary, you can always set the sleep time in the menu so that your PVR will turn off at the same time every day/night.

5) How do I transfer files from the PVR to my PC?

Install the Upload software and PVR drivers as described in "updating firmware" section. When you run the USB software, connect your PVR and turn it on, you will see the software says "STB Connected".
On this screen at the bottom right there is a dropdown menu. It defaults to Firmware/Picture/MP3 but you can change it to VIDEO. In the top right, a list of your available recordings will now display. Select the recording you wish to transfer to your PC, and then in the top left you must select your DESTINATION folder.
Then simply press the UPLOAD button under the list of recordings. Transfer speeds are USB1.1 only and for long recordings it may take 2-3 hours to complete the transfer.

6) How can I delete single files from my PVR list?

To delete a single file:
Press the PVR button on the remote.
Press the BLUE button on the remote to bring up the edit options list in the top right.
Select DELETE using the cursors on the remote and press OK.
Each PVR item will now have a white circle after it on the right hand side.
Using the cursor buttons move to the items you wish to delete and select them with the OK button - the white circle will be tagged with a blue dot to indicate the files that are selected for deletion.
When you have selected all your files press the EXIT button, cursor to YES if you are sure about your changes and then press OK.
Your PVR list will be updated with the tagged files removed. You can then exit back into TV mode.

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