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Updating the Firmware on a Legend PVR

This guide covers how to install the USB PC software and driver, and how to update the Firmware on your Legend PVR Twin Tuner STB.

Legend release updates on occasion to add new features and fix small bugs. If you purchased your Legend set top box from Hantrex, you will be automatically notified of any updates as soon as they become available.

To update your Legend LPVR080, LPVR160, LPVR250 and LPVR400:

Firstly, enter the PVR menu and select ABOUT COMPANY. This will give you the current firmware version (eg. 1.13).

Then visit www.legendmemory.com and go to LEGEND DIGITAL. Then select DOWNLOADS. You will see a list of available firmware updates.

** YOU ONLY NEED THE LATEST UPDATE. Each update revision also includes the corrections from each previous update, so you only need to install the latest one available. Hantrex will provide a direct link to the latest download in most cases.

Download both the latest update file, and also the USB DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS. Save both to your desktop. Extract the USB DOWNLOADER to a folder on your desktop, and then install the USB software. Once installed, run the USB DOWNLOADER software from your start menu.

Connect your PVR to the PC using the supplied USB cable. Once connected, make sure the PVR is turned on (not in standby mode) and your PC will detect it is connected and ask to install drivers. Select you wish to install the drive MANUALLY, and from a SPECIFIC LOCATION. Browse to the folder on your desktop that you extraced the USB SOFTWARE into. In this folder there is a sub-folder named DRIVERS, which contains a Win98 folder and a Win2000/XP folder.

Select the appropriate folder for your operating system and install the driver. This step is only necessary once, and you can then delete the USB SOFTWARE folder from your desktop. You may want to keep the DRIVERS folder for future use, or it can be downloaded again at a later stage if you need it.

Once the driver is installed, the USB DOWNLOADER that you ran earlier should now say "STB CONNECTED". All you have to do now is select the FIRMWARE UPDATE FILE from your desktop (or wherever you saved it) and press the big DOWNLOAD button.

A progress indicator will show the file downloading to the PVR. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE PVR UNTIL THE USB SOFTWARE GIVES YOU A MESSAGE THAT IT HAS FINISHED.

Once you get the COMPLETED message, you can safely disconnect the PVR. If you browse back to ABOUT COMPANY in the PVR menu, you will now see that the FIRMWARE VERSION has been updated.

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