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Legend PVR's

Yes, we have remote controls for these models - email us for details.

The Legend Personal Video Recorder (PVR) allows you to watch one digital television show while recording another. It's great for all those times when the TV stations put two of their best shows on at the same time. You won't miss a thing with the Legend set top box!

The Legend Set Top Box range has the widest variety of hard disk sizes available of any manufacturer. You can choose between 80gig, which will record a bit more than a day, a 160gig that will record more than two days, a 250 gig that will record three and a half days or a whopping 400gig model that will record almost an entire week of TV!

Introductory Pricing

LPVR80 - 80gig $400

LPVR160 - 160gig $500

LPVR 250 - 250gig $650

LPVR 400 - 400gig $700

LPVR 500 - 500gig $800

All Legend set top boxes come with a full 1 year warranty. Please call in to our showroom for a full demo of these set top boxes.

For More Information Please Email Us

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