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Humax PVR Smart

Humax High Definition and P V R Boxes.

Hantrex Currently stock three receivers in the Humax range, catering for different customer requirements.

The box pictured above is the Humax PVR SMART, which is a standard definition receiver with two tuners and a 160 gig hard drive. It has a full array of outputs, including RGB and S-VHS and composite.

The PVR SMART is a very user friendly set top box, and installation and setup is a breeze.

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Humax PVR8000T

The other PVR box in the Humax range is the PVR 8000T. This box comes with a hard disk so you can record digital TV.

The Humax PVR8000T allows time shifting, and timer recordings to be set in advance. You can record closed captions with this set top box.

The PVR8000T outputs RGB, S-Video and Composite via SCART connector.

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