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Humax PVR SMART $549

Note - customers who are having hard disk troubles with this model can drop it off and we'll replace the hard disk with a brand new one at very competitive rates. Email us for more information.

This new PVR (personal video recorder) from Humax will allow you to record digital television onto a 160 gig hard disk. It also has two tuners, so you can record two things at once, or record something and watch something else at the same time!

You can pause live tv, and answer the phone, have dinner or put the kids to bed - then return to the telly and press play - the Humax will have recorded the show and you can continue watching, even before the show is finished. This is just one of many intelligent features of this set top box.

With simple installation and operation, the PVR-SMART offers a user-friendly three-dimensional OSD, the highest quality digital audio output and advanced video clarity.

With its highly sensitive tuner for better reception the PVR-SMART boasts an Electronic Program Guide(EPG), for extended program information on all channels. The PVR-SMART also enables you to view subtitles and digital teletext.

With USB2.0, PVR-SMART allows MPEG A/V file transfer between PVR-SMART and a PC. PVR-SMART allows viewer to enjoy digital photos on a large TV screen or to listen to MP3 files downloaded from a PC.

The Humax SMART is extreemely easy to use, and offers a wide variety of connectivity options to suit most television sets. You can choose from RGB, Composite and S-Video outputs, or a combination of all three.

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