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New Healing HHT 894 High Definition set top box is $139 delivered!

healing high definition HHT891

A feature packed High Definition Digital Terrestrial receiver, the Healing HHT894 delivers free to air television and radio with outstanding picture and sound quality. For more information click here.

All Healing set top boxes come with the Hantrex Service Guarantee - click here for details.

We've been selling Healing set top boxes since they started making them as they are exceptional digital television receivers. Our installers love them because they are so easy to operate and have excellent tuners built in. The Healing range consistently pull in the signal where other boxes can only deliver a pixelated mess with audio dropping in and out.

All Healing set top boxes are designed here in Australia, for Australian conditions. These are not just cheap imports from a company which is 'here today - gone tomorrow!'.

Below is a short history of the Healing brand in Australia.

Alfred George Healing commenced building and selling bicycles in Bridge Rd. Richmond in 1907. He started making radio receivers in 1922 when commercial broadcasting commenced.

The heyday for the company began when they started making receivers with the 'Golden Voice' brand in 1925. In 1930 the Commonwealth Government introduced import tariffs which virtually prohibited the mass-importation of sets.

At the time Healing was an importing agent of Atwater Kent receivers and cone speakers from the United States. In response to the new tax, Healing began making Atwater Kent sets in Australia under license. The sets carried the Healing brand.

During World War II Healing manufactured radar equipment for the various armed forces throughout the British Empire. Healing expanded into television in 1956.

In 1959 Healing cycle division was sold to General Accessories and Healing electronics became part of the Rank Industries group. In 1975 manufacturing ceased when the Commonwealth relaxed tariff protection.

The Healing name now lives on in the new digital world, one which is a far cry from their humble beginnings.

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