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Healing HST 822 Component Set Top Box $149 delivered anywhere in Australia

The newest addition to the Healing range of digital set top boxes now brings with it component output, the HST822. The Healing box is ideal for people in poor reception areas, or in apartment buildings where reception is marginal.

The component output is an interlaced component, YCbCr and will work on any television with component inputs. In addition to the component output, it carries S-VHS and composite outputs and an RF modulator as well.

One great feature of the HST822 set top box is how easy it is to set up and tune in - all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on - then press OK on the remote control - everything else is automatic! You're up and running in seconds!

Features Include:

• Wide Screen 16:9 and 4:3 screen picture sizes.

• Receives all VHF & UHF band DVB-T MPEG-2 transmissions.

• Y Cb Cr Component, S-Video and Composite video outputs.

• RF modulator to connect any TV, UHF PAL B/G standard.

• S/PDIF Optical audio output for 5.1 channel decoder.

• Teletext and Supertext subtitles, 1 key access, ETSI/EN300 472 compliant.

• Sharp tuner gives better results from weaker signals

• 1000 Channel memory space, editable.

• Three Favorite Channel Groups.

• Automatic, Manual or Easy installation - just press OK!

• Electronic Program Guide and Information screen.

• Parental Lock viewer password protection.

• Fast copying of Set-Up and/or Software between receivers.

• Multi-language On Screen Display.

• Low power consumption on Standby.

• Slimline case.

• Silver or Black front panel and cases available.

• Remote Control compact with easy to use keys.

• Easy to navigate 256 colour On Screen Display (OSD)

• Designed in Australia for Australia

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