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Tuning in your Force Set Top Box

When you first plug in your Force Set Top Box you'll see a language menu. Please choose English

Next, you will need to choose your TV format. This is the aspect ratio you will watch most. It can be 4:3 or 16:9 or letterbox.

The SCART output can also be specified. If you're using the cable that came with the box, you don't need to choose anything.

If you want S-Video output, you will need to choose this. You can also choose component and RGB output via this menu.

The UHF channel selection is for people using the antenna cable to connect to their TV/VCR, and you can leave the RF system at PAL-B.

Next choose your state.

Lastly, choose the adult lock - most people will want this off all the time, so leave it as default.

Now the box will start searching for channels.

A list of channels will be displayed as they are found.

Once all the channels have been found, a small menu will ask you to set up the hard disk for use. Just click yes.

Now you're all set to enjoy your Force Digital Set Top Box.

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