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How to connect your VCR to record digital TV WITH CAPTIONS!

Many deaf and hearing impaired caption users often ask how to record shows on their vcrs with captions. It's easy provided you have a digital television set top box.

We've used the Strong SRT 5300 as the set top box, and a Sony VCR as the recording device.

First, you need to plug in your antenna.

This goes from the wall to ANT IN on the Strong box.

Next, you need to use the RF loop cable to connect the terminals RF LOOP OUT to RF LOOP IN.

Now connect another antenna cable from RF OUT on the Strong box to RF IN on the VCR.

Now connect another antenna cable from RF OUT on the VCR to RF IN on the TV.

You will need 3 RF antenna leads to accomplish this. First step. (the RF LOOP lead comes with the Strong box)

Next, plug in your television with the red/white/yellow RCA cables. These also come free with the Strong box. These cables will deliver picture and sound to your tv. The yellow one is the video information, and the red/white ones are for left and right audio.

Now you need to connect your vcr to the set top box. To do this, we recommend you purchase a scart to 6 rca lead off us, as it makes things really easy.

Plug the scart end into the bottom scart socket on the set top box, it's labelled VCR.

Plug the rca leads into the vcr, being careful to match up the in/out and colors correctly.

Now you can record digital tv on your vcr with captions!

To do this, you need to select the line input on your vcr. This will be a button on your remote control, it could be 'input select' or 'line in' or 'aux' or 'tv/aux'. If you get stuck, the VCR manual will show you which one to push.

To play back the tape you recorded, simply turn off the set top box using the remote control for the set top box. The picture and sound will be passed through the box from your VCR to your TV. Or you can press the AUX button on the Strong remote control.

Note, to record you must have the set top box turned on, and on the channel you want to record.

Click on the links to the right for more information about technical details and how things work, as well as a run down on what closed captions are.

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