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Why would I need captions?

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Why would I need Captions?

Captions are essential for people who are deaf and hearing impaired to enjoy television. Without captions, TV makes little or no sense at all as there is no dialogue.

However, captions are also really useful for people that work in noisy environments, for gyms, for sporting arenas and for people who are learning English.

Captions are also a wonderful way to expose your children to the spelt words, as well as the spoken words. They are great for boosting literacy for primary school children.

All TV shows on in prime time are captioned. All news/current affairs shows are always captioned too. This is the law, and TV stations have to comply. For 90% of television watching you're guarenteed to see captions. TV stations have recently signed a deal to increase the level of captioning over the next few years, so we're going to see more and more programs captioned, with a special emphasis being placed on childrens' shows.

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