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Hantex Customer Feedback

Here you will find some feedback customers have given Hantrex. All feedback is placed here with permission, and is unsolicited.

Just to acknowledge that I have received the product.
You guys have brilliant customer service and product.


Hi Hantrex

Just a quick email to thank you for all the emails you sent helping me get my set top box working. Your efforts will never go unrewarded, as I have told many of my friends about your company and I'm sure they'll be purchasing from you soon.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the excellent service in the showroom today. I've got the most complicated HT setup in the world and not only did you make sense of it all very quickly, you've streamlined it in so many helpful ways. Your depth of product knowledge surpasses all the competition.

Keep it up! And thanks once again for the most hlpful, professional and knowledgeable service you've offered.


Thanks Matthew,

The box arrived yesterday morning, right on time. Set it up in under 2 minutes, works like a dream so far.

Thanks again for great service - I'll be recommending you to others.

Have a great day


Thanks very much for the notification.  This sort of support is why I am glad I purchased the unit from you !

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 




I received my set top box today (SRT 5000) and I am very impressed with it. I live in a poor signal area and this set top box works quite well indeed. I was previously using a DGTEC DG-5000i (HD) which I paid around $800 for, but because of poor signal, picture and audio dropouts often disrupted the programs I was watching.

This is a great set top box for such a low price.



Greetings Matthew,

I would like to express my appreciation for you help in the excellent service in providing delivery of the Strong set top box. I was anxious to accept delivery before spending a few days on the far north coast.

Fastway delivered early on Monday morning before we were due to leave.

Upon my return the installation, following the instructions in the excellent documentation provided by the technical manuals, was successful and without hitch. The quality of reception from the available channels was exceptional.

I would have no hesitation in availing myself of you services in any future purchases and will recommend you to anyone considering purchasing this type of equipment.

Have a great day and many successful sales.


I rarely can be bothered giving written feedback, but today I am making an exception. 

I have a Strong STB, which works well, but I have not been able to make head or tail out of the manual.  I did a quick check on the internet, and found your site - which answered most of my questions, in a way that I (a dedicated non-tech person) could understand.  This led to me buying some cables to connect the STB to my video (sometimes the hard disk just isn't enough), and managed to record - but in only b&w.

A quick phone call to you, and my problem seems to be sorted.  I just want to say - well done, you provide a splendid service, and didn't make me feel stupid for asking (not something every business can boast).

Thanks again.

To Hantrex,

Hi, I got my Topfield (TV5000PVRt)installed yesterday by one of your installers.
I'd like to say thank you for the excellent service and all the answers to my questions.

I wish you guys every success in the future. Please update me via this email about any new firmware. Keep up the good work



Hi Matthew,

I received the box and have installed it and it's just brilliant! I don't know what I did without it! I'll be recommending it to all my friends.

Thanks again,


Hi Matthew,
Absolutely brilliant service from you, the unit arrived this morning, plugged her in now I have RGB Foxtel going to my plasma component connection. Great picture!
Thx again,
Cheers Mark

Dear Hantrex,

I have previously downloaded the 0_73 update directly from Strong and applied it without problem. The majority of issues I have been having with timer recording appear to be resolved, but I have not hit the unit hard as yet. Regardless, I appreciate this advice to previous customers - very professional and demonstrates a good commitment to ongoing service.



Mathew - my converter box and SCART lead arrived this morning.

Thank you for the prompt service!

I'll certainly be keeping you in mind for future purchases if your service and costs are this good !

Thank you


I've just received the box and can't wait to get it up and running. It's a pleasant change to find a company with a great customer focus and where everything happens in such an efficient manner.



Got the converter and have set it up, thanks. It is a better picture and my setup is better off as a result. I appreciate your sending it to me so quickly as well. [David bought a RGB to component converter for use with a LG Plasma]


Just writing to let you know I received my adapter last night and the picture if fantastic - thanks very much. (Brad bought a RGB to Component converter)


Hi Matthew,

I received the Set Top Box yesterday morning about 10am just a little earlier than you predicted, which was good as I was just leaving when the courier arrived.

I have now had a chance to hook it up and start learning how to operate it but it appears to be simple enough and the instructions so far appear to be straight forward.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt service I have received.

Have a Good Day,

Kindest regards,


I just received my Toppy. I think that it actually came on the second day after you put it in the system.

Thank you very much for the excellent service you continuously provide. That's two STBs for me, both from your company.

The other day, I was reading on your site how your business has developed, and how surprised you were when it took off like a rocket. Well, I could have given you the formula for success: do it better, faster and cheaper. But I didn't need to, as you discovered it by yourself and the reputation you've built around the newsgroups is now your best advertising.

Best regards,


To Hantrex,

I wish to comment on the exemplary service you have provided my wife and I. Your installer was not only polite and speedy but had an excellent sense of humor which came in handy when explaining how to use the box for the 5th time.

I wish you every success in the future.

Bill and Jean

G'day Matt,

Bet you didn't expect to hear from me huh? Just writing to tell you you have a great box for sale there but you prob already knew that right? The Topfield is amazing. Thanks for getting it to me so quick, and thanks for the advice on setting it up. I know I was a pain, but your patience with me was great.


Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your wonderful service today and yesterday. As you can see I have placed my order. Your customer service is exemplary and I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Alan Churchill.

P.S. You have my permission to put my comments on your web site along with ny name.

Yo Hantrex ppl,

Just wanna say thanx for the great box (Toppie rulz) and service is brilliant.

I'm gunna tell all my mates about your site coz it rocks!


This is to Matthew:

Thanks for the great digital top box. It works really well, and was easy to connect with the web site as a guide. Thanks also for the email support, we must have had about 10 emails today and you responded to each one. This is not the level of service I expect for a $300 box so you have truly excelled.


Excellent service guys. I ordered at 8 in the morning and my box appeared at 2 that afternoon - you just can't get better than that and what makes it the best is it was just before Christmas when everything traditionally grinds to a halt.

Brilliant service, excellent support, quick responses to emails - what more could a customer want? Good work guys and have a great Christmas.


Just a note to say thanks for the fast service sending out my 5390.

Excellent service guys. It's a great little unit.



This is what I call EXCELLENT SERVICE.

I've no doubt your business will thrive whilst you're on your game like today. Keep up the great work. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I'll be sure to tell anyone that asks about Hantrex.


[Feedback from a customer who was having some recording difficulties]

I recorded consecutive and single programs for several minutes at a time with all sorts of scenarios and could not get the fault to occur again. I think I've recorded about 15 times (mostly just to test) since then and still no error.

I'll continue to test but it appears to have gone away. This would indicate to me that it is probably something that you suggested aerial, connections, etc) and not the unit itself (way too erratic for that).

I must say that your quick response gave me confidence that the problem would be resolved and really appreciate the help you have offered. I've demo'd the unit to several friends and they're really impressed. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards


Mathew, just to say it arrived safely today as promised and works like a charm. Using a Wintel 28" 16:9 widescreen SCART to SCART and it's like a brand new TV. Not bad for a cheapo TV! I'm very happy. Thanks for your prompt assistance and help.


I am impressed... ordered the unit around 10 am, when there was a mix up with delivery at my work, they came and delivered it at home the same day!! All this on a Friday... just in time for the footy... that's what I call excellent service!! And a great price to match!!



WOW! The service was outstanding. I ordered at around 9am and had my box the same day! The price was the cheapest I could find and with free delivery I would have expected a long wait to get the goods. Great work guys. Plug in, turn on, tune and it works. Very happy.


Hantrex. This is a short email to let you know that we have set up the box and everything is now working really well. Although we couldn't get things working initially, a quick tech support call to you guys cleared everything up and we can now record shows from digital tv. Thanks a million Matthew for all your hard work and patience. Most places don't want to hear from you once you have forked over the cash, it was a delight to find someone who was willing to provide AFTER sales service, rather than just facilitate the sale.

All the best with everything, and I'm sure with your dedication to your customers you will be blessed with every success.


Dear Sales Team, It is a pleasure to be able to comment at the highest standard, in which our old faithful decoder was replaced with a digital (stereo) set top box. A truly remarkable piece of technology that has brought a new dimension in viewing digital television with the added bonus of captions. I recommend the set box, as I also recommend people like Mathew who really know the technology in helping everyone wishing to purchase and install this set top box with ease. Good luck with future set top boxes,

Regards Stella and Emmanuel.

P.S. Although this set box was meant for Stella who uses captions I am enjoying it more.

This morning, I received my set-top box, as ordered, within 24 hours of placing the order over the net. This is fantastic service, and I thank you sincerely for the prompt manner in which it was dispatched and delivered. Your quality of service is second to none, and a refreshing change in a world where the customer usually seems to come last. Thank you once again for your service. I would and will recommend you to anybody wanting a digital set-top box. Best Regards,


To Hantrex Your support to me had been fantastic. It seems nobody out there knows about digital tv as much as you do, and the no nonsense advice you gave was spot on. At last there is a company out there in internet land that takes customer enquiries via email seriously. I have no hesitation recommending your company to others, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Keep up the good work guys!


Dear Strong Technical Support

First I would like to praise the support I have received from Matthew from Hantrex in Australia. He has gone to great lengths to answer my questions and has been extremely pleasant to deal with. It was certainly his pre-sales efforts that led to my buying the SRT 5200.

Next let me say that, overall, I am very pleased with the unit and hope to get many years of trouble free operation from it.

Kind Regards,



The STB was delivered to my workplace on Friday at around lunchtime.

I have already installed and I'm truly amazed at the quality of the picture I'm getting compared with the old analogue one.

I have a Loewe Cantus TV, and I was always aware that it was capable of producing much better results with the right kind of input than what I was getting.

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. It took about 2 1/2 working days from the time I submitted the order to the time I got the item delivered.

I would recommend both the unit and your company to anyone. In fact, my purchase has already generated a lot of interest among the other fellows in my office, and I'm just too happy to pass on the information because I think that it is a very worthwhile purchase.

Best regards,


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