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7 Way Component Switching Box No Longer in Stock

We're delighted to offer this fantastic switching box to our customers who require multiple component devices to plug into their TV. This switch will also act as an Ethernet hub, for all your LAN requirements. You can run multiple X-Boxes off the one internet connection, as well as a laptop or two - all at the same time, and all sharing the one internet connection.

This switch allows you to connect multiple pieces of Home Entertainment equipment to one TV. Up to 7 pieces of AV equipment can be connected without having to disconnect and re-connect every time.

The AV Control Centre 2 offers 6 HD ready component inputs, 4 Digital Optical inputs, 7 S-Video inputs, 7 Composite Video and Stereo Audio inputs, an Ethernet input and 3 matched outputs.

JOYTECH's Signal Regulator Technology™ assures that picture and sound quality from all AV sources remain pin sharp and ultra stable, while the simple input channel selector allows you to page through and select the AV source you require.

This switching box will switch five systems:

1. Composite video and audio (the red/white/yellow plugs)

2. S-Video and RCA Audio (the round 4 pin plug and red/white plugs)

3. Progressive Scan High Definition Component/interlaced component also

4. Optical Audio via fibre optic cable.

5. Ethernet Ports (not switched see notes below)

There are a few limitations.

You MUST have the same input as you have for the output.

For example , if you have composite inputs (the yellow one) then you can't just have Component or S-Video out to your TV, you have to have composite outs as well.

The optical inputs/outputs are independent of the picture.

The Ethernet ports are not switched. The OUTPUT port is for a cable modem to be plugged into the switch. Then there are 3 sockets, so you can distribute internet to up to three devices. It works kind of like a LAN hub. There's no built in firewall though.

This switch is compatible with:

Set top boxes, satellite receivers, dvd players, games consoles, VCR's, Video cameras, Laser disk players, etc.

This switch will NOT convert picture formats, so if you have composite inputs, then you can't run a S-VHS output to your television. You must input the same signal as you output.

The box contains the following items:

Boxes are made in China, and carry a 1 year warranty.

The box measures 43cm wide by 26cm deep and 8cm high.

The rear of the switch looks like this. Click on the picture for a larger image.

rear switch panel

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