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Fracarro Digital Antenna $67 or $77 delivered (free delivery with a set top box purchased at the same time)

Perfect for use with Digital TV in city areas. For country areas you need this antenna.

This anodized aluminium antenna is perfect for reception of all channels from 6-12 and 28-40. All digital channels in city areas in Australia are in this range.

Fracarro have used precision design and high quality materials to create this log-periodic antenna.

Feedback about the log-periodic antenna from a customer:

Just a quick email to say the antenna arrived in perfect nick, and is now installed and working Wonderfully!!

I had a guy out to set up our new home theatre system on Saturday,and he did all the antenna receiver checks, and your product worked nearly as good as his testing unit

I also told him where we got it from, and how much, and he was duly amazed. He had not seen one the same, and as simple a unit, that receives so well, so we were  all duly impressed.

I also noticed him write down your details from the decal on the unit, so I dare say he may be interested in some himself in the future.

Once again thank you for the service, and all the best.


So what's a log-periodc antenna? It is a multielement narrow-beam antenna that has impedance and radiation characteristics that are regularly repetitive as a logarithmic function of the excitation frequency.

The length and spacing of the elements of a log-periodic antenna increase logarithmically from one end to the other. Because of this spacing, the antenna does not need a bauln to match the impedance. The antenna is balanced at a natural 75 Ohms. As no bauln is required, you have a direct cable connection from the antenna to your digital set top box.

The antenna can be mounted veritcally or horizontally, and requires a pole 25-60mm in diameter. The antenna is 1.1M long and 86cm wide at its widest point.

Assembly simply requires a screwdriver, an adjustable spanner, and a sharp knife to strip the antenna cable to screw it into the end of the antenna.

Gain is 9dB for channels 6-12 (B3) and 10dB for channels 28-40 (B4).

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