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wireless av sender

Wireless AV Sender $110

Perfect for use with Pay TV - will work with Foxtel IQ!

Do you want to be able to use your Digital Set Top Box from another room? Or a DVD player / VCR / Foxtel pay tv box?

This AV sender unit uses 2.4GHz technology, and allows you to use your remote control from another room up to 100 metres away! It's just like having your set top box in the room with you, as all functions are available.

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This unit uses the 2.4GHz spectrum, which is not as crowded as the 900MHz range occupied by cordless phones and radio transmitters. This means superior sound and picture quality. Further, this unit uses superior FM modulation, rather than AM modulation found in other units.

Top operate, simply plug in the red/white/yellow cables from any device (Pay TV Box, DVD player, Digital TV Box etc) into one unit, and then plug your other television into the receiver using the red/white/yellow leads supplied with the unit.

You can also use the remote control from the other room, as the unit has a remote control receiver and transmitter as well, meaning you get complete operation of your digital television set top box, satellite box or other piece of equipment.

Everything you need comes with the unit, including cables and power adapters. Just plug it in and start watching from a source in another room!

Unit comes with 1 transmitter with remote receiver, one receiver with remote transmitter, two power supplies and two rca-rca leads and one antenna lead.

This unit carries a 1 year warranty.

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